Credit cards there are three agents risks
The current network of "agent of high credit card" messages are easy to confuse. For cardholders, and intermediary agent of high credit cards belonging to the informal channels, and there is risk of loss of funds, might even tarnish the image of personal credit records.
it is understood that there are three risk agent credit card:
1. cardholders by criminals tampered with reservation phone number reserved or induce cardholders to others cell phone number, fraudulent or stolen funds.
2. cardholder identity documents and information intermediaries selling, disclosure of personal information.
3. multi-channel application for a credit card and interception. Criminals may secretly withheld the bid cards, inform the cardholder is not successful, or keep the cardholder to the Bank applications, intercept other bank credit cards, engage in illegal activities.
this xiaobian recommended cardholders through formal channels such as banks to apply for a credit card, the accumulation of personal credit, improve credit limit.

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