How to loan the "green light"
Unsecured loan demand grasp method for your loan the "green light"
Although the unsecured loan processing simple, threshold and requires more, however, and thus a portion of borrowers because of what is available and on which you do not understand can not handle and locked the door. Have access to collateral-free loan processing conditions, in loans to do so easily.
① steady income, occupation is good ticket
unsecured loans unsecured loans for borrowers generally have more stringent requirements, salary of the borrower must meet the clock in water more than 4000 Yuan, even if liquidity in hand, if not with a fixed clock in wages flowing, chances were denied loans by banks will be very large. Unsecured loan can apply for a quota, usually 10 times times the borrower's monthly income (or more). In addition, the borrower's occupation is also the Bank considered important factors, like the well-known Fortune 500 corporate employees, teachers, civil servants, company owners and top managers of such identity is relatively easy access to loans. Borrower's own income stability, good career is a stepping stone for unsecured loans.
II credit to good credit card with 3 tired 6 are being denied loans
as a credit, unsecured loans, in addition to the qualifications of borrowers have higher requirements, corporate or personal credit is a bank issuance credit certificate. If borrowers of overdue credit card 3 times in a row a total of 6 times, it is likely to be denied loans by banks. Secondly, other consumer in life, like water, electricity, gas, mortgage paid monthly as promptly as possible, in the event of a late record, will also be recorded in the credit file affected loan processing.
third mortgage cannot use as a down payment is not free
along with economic development, people's consumer demand is also growing, the recent "ring the capital estates" has become a popular young people preferred to buy a House, which houses most of the down payment is less than 100,000, many through unsecured loans to buyers who intend to pay a down payment. Unsecured loans are flexible in use and management of funds, and used as a down payment is prohibited, when applying for unsecured loans generally require personal identification and proof of Bank water proof and the regular loan, it plans to buy a house down payment also needs to prepare for the crowd.
about carefully selecting loans banks foreign banks in different
each bank is different, apply for unsecured loans to the borrower's requirements are different, emphasis is different. Borrower loan servicer can take formal brand to pick your very own bank. As foreign banks have very different, Chinese banks in loan approval is more stringent, and remove water proof of status and income of the borrower, but some banks also need to examine the borrower's education, school and so on. Audit and foreign banks, were more liberal, but management fees and handling charges for unsecured loans is high, so that old white last name must be according to their selected lenders to achieve a multiplier effect.

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