Investment money must know 5 names
refer to securities employees prior to the use of public funds lifted shares, first with personal funds buy the shares at a low, to use public funds after the high price to try to first sold the behavior of individual positions and profit. Because securities employees have information superiority, so rat behavior in securities market as playing cards to see family and feel free to cheat, not only runs counter to the general principle of good faith of professional managers, but rather serious conduct issues, is also suspected of crimes.
mouse warehouse instance:
2008 years, SFC on "mouse warehouse" opened of first batch tickets, canceled has suspected mouse warehouse trading of Shang voted Morgan original Fund Manager Tang Jian, and South Fund original Fund Manager Wang Limin of Fund practitioners qualification, confiscated its illegal proceeds and throughout fine 500,000 yuan; also on Tang Jian implementation lifelong market ban into, on Wang Limin implementation 7 years market ban into. Fund
2013 year biggest mouse storehouse – Malo Bosera Fund original Fund Manager bought 76 stocks manipulated three friends account, turnover of over 1 billion yuan, profits of nearly 20 million Yuan, has entered the second phase of the case. Black Swan
Black Swan events in the economic field is characterized by mutations of the market trends, that is, the market trend will end suddenly with no warning, and along with the huge impact that cannot be anticipated. Like the stock market suddenly collapsed, United States housing bubble triggered the subprime crisis, gold prices because the local events suddenly fell or jumped. Black Swan logic: it's unexpected, but change everything, you don't know a thing more meaningful than you know.
Black Swan event:
2011 the year the Black Swan event: Japan nuclear safety questions led to China's nuclear power unit have been plunged; Henan shuanghui broken halberd lean led to 164 funds from a two-day loss of 3.1 billion; Wenzhou collision vibration rail stocks, leading to market two days evaporated 43.5 billion.
2012 the year the Black Swan event: health "waste oil" events leading up to the food and drug stocks tumbling frightened; plasticizer storm sank liquor plate; Changyu clarified "pesticide residues" economic losses is difficult to assess.
2013 the year the Black Swan event: "shortage of money" to the past 6 trading days today in Shanghai and Shenzhen plunged nearly 4%; international gold prices plummeted causing gold stocks plunged; IPO restart gem tumbling.
2014 the year the Black Swan event if unexpected sharp decline in China's economy not only pose a risk to their economies, but also pose a risk to the global economy; continuing upgrade of Ukraine crisis would make Ukraine slump in the economy, will also affect the global economy. Ponzi scheme

, also known as illegal fund raising, is one of the oldest and most common form of investment fraud. Refers to the later "investor", to the front of the "investor" in return. Once the capital chain rupture, resulting in heavy losses.
Ponzi case:
Pan Xin insurance agency limited actual control of Chen Yi "runaway" banking business volume of money and run events; P2P company gold loan, a week after the launch cannot log on, and lost contact site owner Chen Jinlei, specific amount is expected to exceed 1 million Yuan.
is a stock trader, trader, investor and other transactions when accidentally hit the wrong price, number, direction of trade events collectively. Black Dragon refers to the event when volume, may cause the stock price a moment of sharp volatility. "Own" and "rat" will cause instantaneous volatility in share prices, but with the "rat" is different, "own" is unconscious error transaction behavior, and "rat" is conscious of the tunneling.
Black Dragon refers to the instance:
Wu refers to the Dragon events-11:05-August 16, 2013, Everbright securities index to try within a minute of the market rose sharply over 5%. Fastest 5.62%, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, China Everbright securities said its business using its own strategic investment sector arbitrage system there is a problem.
cold shares an own event-August 04, 2010 morning market in early morning trading, trend is plain cold shares suddenly appeared at 10:39, and instantly rose 9.25%, followed by large shares shares immediately fell back to around 9.20 Yuan. Causes: cold code 000530 000503 composition with sea Rainbow holdings code exactly the same numbers; large stakes 10.04 Yuan price buy singles, just searainbow holding the day's trading prices; a cold stake buy singles out time, with sea Rainbow holdings to limit their time in 10:39. Speculation that bought large shares of big foot was actually going to buy sea Rainbow holdings, because trader shook hands and entered wrong big stake in cold code.
United States stocks own-event-May 6, 2010, stocks suddenly lose nearly 1000 points are known as the "Flash crash". Some say Citigroup trader accidentally million (million) mistakenly hit 1 billion (billion), one letter caused market plunge; it was felt this weird drop may be due to "no deal offer intentions" were responsible.
poison pills
poison pills is the United States prominent mergers and acquisitions lawyer Martin Lipton invented in 1982, officially known as the "equity dilution anti-takeover measures", originally was in the form of issuing preferred stock to common stock shareholders of target companies, once the company is taken over, shareholders holding preferred stock can be converted to a certain amount of buying stocks. Common forms are: unauthorized party has bought a lot of shares of the target company (usually from 10% to 20% shares), poison pills will start causing new shares flooding the market. Once it is triggered, all the other shareholders the opportunity to buy new shares at a low price. This greatly diluting the acquirer's equity, which became costly, so as to achieve the purpose of resisting acquisition.
poison pills examples:
United States the Nineth city case: United States eastern standard time on January 8, 2009, the Nineth city announced that, to protect the city and its shareholders ' interests, the company's Board of Directors decided to implement a shareholder rights plan. After the close of business on January 22, 2009, each of the Nineth City issued ordinary shares will be awarded a interest, is attached to the interest on the shares of nine cities. When an individual or group (the purchaser) has nine town not less than 15% shares with voting rights (trigger events), the rights can be exercised.
after the triggering incident, apart from the acquirer's shareholders, shareholder rights plan set out in the purchase value of the exercise price the exercise price twice times equity. Unless the nine stops, or redemption prior to maturity by nine city rights, the shareholder rights plan are valid until January 8, 2019.

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