Loan scams to teach you a second to see through
At present, many loans are available through a variety of ways. And access to funds when and more vulnerable to cheats. Small series below is based on practical experience to teach you a second through a loan scam.
method to see if different loan
are in the same city, if different lenders are very, very few, if it is offsite lender, ten is a liar;
the second method, see if conditions are too simple for loans,
, no conditions are very simple, especially the credit. Any lender will take into account the risk of loans, if conditions are too simple, and most of them are liars.
methods to see if paying in advance
This is a very important and crucial. No matter how the loan process, where a formal lending institutions, is the first loan free of charge. If it is required to pay in advance, it must be a liar.
method, loan interest rates are abnormally low
loan interest rates are too low, and is often a cover for fraud, intended to draw loans for the last good rip-off. You should know a loan when the market price of the loan.

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