Mortgage repayment of ten common sense, how much do you know about
Loans to buy a House a lot of people already familiar, even a lot of people have loans to buy a House. Here are ten common sense on mortgage repayment, how much do you know? Follow the Editor's look together.
, even equal payments, repayment amount will be
even equal payments, repayment amount will change; many people contract the interest rate of the loan, and for convenience select the periodic, fixed payments, money should be the same each month. This is an error, in fact, every year the payment may not be the same. Home loan interest rates generally have two factors: benchmark interest rates and discount rates. If base rate adjustments have taken place the previous year, the second year of the monthly repayment amount will change; if mortgage lending rate adjustments have taken place the previous year, for example, by 70 percent to 80 percent, the monthly payment amount will change.
II, and how select Bank
if need ahead of repayment, for example some Bank agreed 20% above only allows also, too demanding has, best select can repayment requirements not is demanding of Bank, compared about, this 70 percent offers, business line are February only to customer enjoy, more received has one months of high card; small bank General compared fast, but need do credit card and so on, Bank Zhijian is has difference of, need good selected a selected.
meaning three, prepayment and
one-time payment: once the return of all the remaining principal of the loan.
repayment amount unchanged, shortening the period: comparison of provincial interest.
period of unchanged lines reduced monthly pressure reduction, the basic interest.
increase amount of shortening duration: minimum interest rate, banks generally do not do.
part of the repayment, prepayment of the basic processes: first go to Bank to booking, fill in the application form, agreed deposit payment time, and then to bank payment.
all payment: enter the process of receiving the title deed, insurance, cancellation of mortgage back.
choice of repayment early repayment plan, and recommends that the choice of grace, also the most in the first month, because the principal had more interest on savings. If you select periodic, fixed payments, interest paid most of the previous two years, the prepayment will not be very meaningful. If bi-weekly repayment options such as, of course, more interest.
six, and monthly also amount of calculation
matching repayment of formula: monthly also amount = principal * months interest rate ** (1+ months interest rate) repayment months number times power/[(1+ months interest rate) repayment months number times power -1]
months interest rate = years interest rate/12
has a special situation, is Dang January of when, if Shang a annual benchmark interest rate occurred has adjustment, January of repayment amount how calculation. Due to conditions across months, part of the one-year lending rate on the interest rate, part of the interest rate is the lending rates this year. This society needs according to the remaining principal, approved a monthly payment in accordance with interest at the day estimated December must be calculated in accordance with 31 days by this time.

this month, interest repayment this month of seven calculation interest rate: interest = principal remaining * monthly interest rate this month.
principal this month = monthly payment rate-the interest rate this month.
eight, do not select the prepayment of the method will be
method will have 31 days, prepayment of interest according to the daily, calculate the number of days when more to day. Daily interest rate = interest rate/360. But there are 365 days a year, a few days days will pay more interest. In addition there is a problem needs to be said about, if your loan is not granted loans with repayment date to calculate interest between China and Japan.
, mortgages are the most favorable financing
a reasonable debt to planning, personal finance and mortgages are the least expensive method of financing, when to assume the mortgage, mortgages as much as possible, allowing funds to put into areas of higher investment returns, bold investments on individuals is very important, and the mortgage can effectively reduce the risk of inflation.
10, start also is interest
loan 20 2000 Yuan a month, or 2 years, thought to have been worth 50,000 yuan. In fact, this understanding is wrong, start also is interest, no principal, basically just 20,000 of principal, so need to be aware of, is initially interest.

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