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Happy loan

Happy loan

Application conditions
age requirements: 18 – 55 age (borrowing people in loan expires Shi age must not above borrowing people age ceiling);
identity requirements: holding China (II generation) identity card of China citizens (Hong Kong, Macao and except);
punch wage requirements: tax Qian months income at least monthly Yuan 4000 Yuan, and wage punch;
live to requirements: has stable work (since hired people except) and work, and live Hangzhou;
Work experience requirements: from now on the job for at least 3 months or length of greater than or equal to 2;
social security requirements: the employer paid for more than 3 months in a row.
the first step: our specialists will help you to prepare the following information:
1. China (second generation) identity
2. Proof of residence: bank statements, utility bills, property or register
3. Proof of income: personal tax records, showing the income from wages for three consecutive months bank statements, transaction flow, or bank deposit
second step: after approval, our specialist will contact you to sign up and arrange for loans

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