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the criteria for revenue requirements: monthly income before taxes more than 6000 Yuan, must provide the month clock in wages flowing;
work experience: worked continuously for 3 months;
location: Suzhou
requirements: not accepting applications for individual industrial and commercial households and private owners and other self-employed persons.
by needed material
1, and personal loan applications;
2, and identity proved file: China identity card;
3, and address proved file: I near three months in the any one months of financial products on account single (as: sent to live to of credit card bill) property or has applicants name of utilities payment single; non-this city household needed provides rental contract and corresponding of utilities payment single or sent to live to of credit card bill;
4, and Proof of income: I Bank payroll records (such as: flow passbook or Bank bills) three months ' income or income certificate issued by the company (three two).

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